Personal data and protection of privacy

Personal data that users are asked to provide to LiveNutriFit on its site/app, such as their surname, first name and electronic or postal address, are processed by LiveNutriFit for the sole purpose of managing the provision of their Services and/or answering any questions you may put to them. These personal data are processed according to the principles of confidentiality and the protection of privacy, in compliance with the regulations in force, and will be transferred to no third parties.

  • Users shall communicate all necessary information to take care of all orders.
  • Users are responsible for all consequences from transmitting false or inexact information.
  • Users shall undertake not to sell the Services or use them for commercial purposes.
  • Users shall undertake not to use the Site/app or Services for illegal purposes, and notably not to transmit messages contrary to public order or accepted standards of behaviour, or any defamatory comments or elements jeopardising the privacy of third parties; and not to transmit information that could harm the rights of LiveNutriFit or the other users in any way.
  • Users shall undertake to guarantee and pay damages potentially accrued to LiveNutriFit when using their services and/or by violating the current terms and conditions

Testimonial and Photos:

By sharing any testimonials or photos on LiveNutriFit, the User authorises the following rights to the company:
  • The rights to stock, share and reproduce the testimonials and photos and any information associated with it, notably on the website/app and any site/app associated with the company, in addition to utilising to any database.
  • The user undertakes to accept that LiveNutriFit can utilise a part or all of the testimonials, information and photos received and to modify as need be (such as adding a logo, reframing, reworking the image).
This authorisation is valid worldwide for a period of 30 years counting the day of publication of the photos. The User has the right to retract any testimonial or information provided at any moment by sending a letter addressed to LiveNutriFit.

Important Advisory

  • The use of the services, including the customised coaching programme, is reserved for people in good physical and psychological health. In the event of any doubt, users are recommended to consult their medical general practitioner / doctor BEFORE registering.
  • Users make use of the site/app and services at their sole responsibility, whatever their state of health at the time they register, and throughout their use of the services.
  • LiveNutriFit's medical liability may not therefore be incurred in any manner whatsoever.


Users shall undertake to guarantee and indemnify LiveNutriFit against any damage, complaint or claim coming from third parties concerning LiveNutriFit, their use of the Site/app and/or Services, the infringement of the General Conditions herein or the rights of other persons.


Users shall acknowledge and accept that: Services are delivered as is, and are accessible according to availability. In this respect, LiveNutriFit provides no guarantee as to any interrupted functioning of the Site/app or Services. Notably, LiveNutriFit may not under any circumstances be held responsible for the following, included but not limited to:
  • the improper transmission and /or receipt of any data and/or information on the Internet,
  • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines,
  • any loss of data,
  • any routing problems
  • any damage caused to users' computers,
  • any dysfunction in the Internet network or more generally any technical fault preventing the proper functioning of the Site/app and/or the proper running of the Services.
  • LiveNutriFit does not guarantee that its services will perfectly fulfil user's requirements, or that any results obtained will be precise.
As LiveNutriFit is only bound by a best-endeavours obligation, it may be not held responsible if a user fails to achieve the anticipated results, including as regards weight loss.

Limitation of responsibility

You must not use the information provided on the site/app to formulate a diagnosis, or determine a treatment or the taking of medication (and/or its suspension) without previously consulting a medical general practitioner / doctor or specialist. The site/app and services may under no circumstances replace a medical examination in the field of dietetics. The site/app is merely a site/app providing information on nutrition, exercise and diet. Under no circumstances may the information and services proposed in this site/app be used to draw up a medical diagnosis concerning your weight or health. The information given in this site/app can never replace an examination by a general practitioner, specialist or any other health professional. Furthermore, the recommendations contained in the Site/app may not be suited to people who are following a particular diet prescribed by a doctor, in the context of a specific pathology. You shall acknowledge that the information provided is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive, and that this information does not cover all the various symptoms, medicines and treatments appropriate to the pathologies or various daily aches and pains that may concern you. You shall accept that the use of the Site/app and Services takes place under your sole and entire responsibility, control and management. Consequently, LiveNutriFit may not be held responsible:
  • for any direct or indirect damage of any kind resulting from the use or impossibility of using its Services.
  • for costs arising from the acquisition of substitute goods or services resulting from the use of the Services.
  • for any direct or indirect damage of any kind following a declaration by a third party on the Service.
The Site/app may contain images and links to website/apps managed by third parties ("Partner Site/apps"). LiveNutriFit has no control over Partner Site/apps and assumes no responsibility as to their content, nor the content of links shown in Partner Site/apps, or any modifications or updates made to a Partner Site/app. LiveNutriFit is not responsible for distribution via the Web or any other form of transmission received from a Partner Site/app, or even if the Partner Site/app(s) function badly. These links are only proposed to you by LiveNutriFit for your convenience, and the insertion of a link does not imply that LiveNutriFit approves of the content of said Partner Site/apps or that there is any association between LiveNutriFit and the operators of these Partner Site/apps. It shall be your responsibility to view any charters relating to the protection of privacy displayed on Partner Site/apps, and their conditions of use, and to comply with same.

Interactive services (forums, etc.)

All the provisions of the General Conditions herein shall apply to any participation in the interactive services available on the Site/app. It is therefore imperative to respect all the laws and regulations in force. In this respect, users shall be considered as solely responsible for the information, messages, images and generally speaking any content distributed via the interactive services of the Site/app, including the forum. Users shall also accept that LiveNutriFit may take the initiative, without prior notification, to delete, in part or in whole, any content that it distributes or that is sent to it via the interactive services if this content could infringe the laws and regulations in force or flout accepted standards of behaviour or if it obviously and intentionally aims to harm the site/app. Any disputes must be indicated by means of a standard or registered letter and submitted to the competent department for processing. In this respect, users shall undertake to desist from distributing within the interactive services proposed any messages of an offensive, insulting, disparaging or degrading nature or which have no connection with the questions addressed.

Ownership rights

Users shall acknowledge and accept that the content of the Site/app and Services, including but not limited to texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, videos, drawings and other material contained in the Site/app and/or Services and/or in any communication addressed by LiveNutriFit to the users are protected by intellectual property rights, brand rights, patent rights and any other right recognised by the laws in force. Users are not authorised to copy, use, reproduce, distribute or create works derived from the content of LiveNutriFit's services (or any LiveNutriFit official website/app from other countries) Users may formulate comments concerning the Site/app and/or Services. The content of any feedback sent to LiveNutriFit shall be considered non-confidential and free of all rights. LiveNutriFit may freely use the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in these communications for information, without restriction, for reproducing and disclosing any information to third parties.